Holy Spirit Music-Leave the Light On

Dont let my eyes awake Lord in a day where your not there To feel your love inside, to find your steps on quiet seas It's a soul without a Shepherd, a mountain just to steep to climb And one day without your presence is a thousand lost to time Chorus So please won't you... Continue Reading →


Holy Spirit Music-A Ice Psalm

The brightness, nearly blinding, my eyes adjust at last To the spectacle of finding you, in the midst of winter's blast My heart sings crystal melodies, that melts the ice wires thin The evergreens your Grace do loose as they shake it from their pins Chorus You make my winter wonder, Your beauty in the... Continue Reading →

Speechless in Sunshine!

Well I woke up to a wonderful surprise Seeking Divine Perspective had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was so excited that I was speechless which does not happen often hahahhahah! So thank you so much! The Lord thanks you! With out Him I would be nothing and this blog would not even... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Music-At Your Feet

At your feet, here nothing else matters The world still turns round, time made thin As I open your Book and love it free pours No end to your portion, forever's been stored Chorus At your feet, well there's no need to hurry I'm in love, every line, every mark The story of us by... Continue Reading →

From Qela to Selah!

We often find God changing names in the Bible. This is because of their intended purpose. Abram became Abraham, Sarai becomes Sarah, Saul becomes Paul, Simon becomes Peter, Jacob becomes Israel. It is interesting that even the Lord's purpose is revealed. His purpose was laid out in the Old Testament. We can find this if... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Music-Nothing More

Nothing more do I need, than to seek Lord Your Words, stepping stones, Comfort's trail Your righteousness bled, the scarlet flow binds The wrath underfoot, on that path, freedom's line Chorus Nothing more do I need, dim made clearly Gray glass disappeared, brisseled fire The eyes of my heart, the flues opened wide Overflow of... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Music-The Shepherd

A poor shepherd am I, I hear singing Their voices lead on in a trance Their breath in the cold, pearls a' swinging That song of the world's perfect chance Chorus In a small wooden box, humble born, Lord As the star splits the sky, compass light And for all men you came, haul their... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Music-The Winner

A dream I had, I see you there, and know that joy can last I swing the window open wide to Heaven, and the past The promgrantes everywhere, their blossoms, orange ties Your eyes are lit, in harmony with prayers of incense cries Chorus Help me walk on water Lord so I can drink the... Continue Reading →

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